Everyone deserves the true story of their portfolio

Without context, everyday investors aren’t sure whether their retirement savings are growing as fast as they could—or whether portfolios from the same institution, with the same goals, are outperforming theirs.

At Bee Portfolio, we’re seeking to level the playing field, so investors can gain better insights and make wiser decisions about their portfolios, every day.

Our story

Transforming investing for the better

When’s the last time you heard a financial guru’s “tips” blaring from a TV? Or a friend provided a special bit of advice on investing? Or, if you have an advisor, did they offer some subjective (though well-meaning) guidance?

Wherever you’re hearing investing advice, there’s bound to be bias and a limited perspective. That’s because no one has the real, objective answers—or is allowed to share them. Until Bee Portfolio, there hasn’t been a real solution to this problem. Combining thousands of hours speaking with individual investors, the right technology, and the rise of social, Bee brings deep investment insights to everyday people.

Our founding was inspired by the lack of transparency in the investment world. A successful investment advisor saw the confusion written on his clients’ faces, and he wanted to change that emotion into confidence. Powered by 100% data and zero opinions, this platform fulfills his dream to bring clarity to investors.

We hope to reform the financial world through providing data to more and more people over time. Because we created the best portfolio tracker app for deep insights, comparison, and more, everyone can finally access a community of real, anonymous portfolios—and know how their portfolio is actually performing.

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Our values

The principles we follow


Each investor has a right to the tools and data to make well-informed decisions. Once they’re equipped, the future and their destiny is up to them.


Bee Portfolio is dedicated to open communication and practices. This reflects our commitment to evolving the financial world to be more transparent, too.


Sound decisions require an unbiased, factual point of view. We let investors share and view anonymous portfolios, so they might make better decisions.

Our vision

This is the dream

We envision a world where investment portfolios are always measured with an outside, objective yardstick.

In this world, everyone is provided with the data needed to make wise choices with their finances, so they can build more enjoyable retirements.

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Discover the true story of your portfolio

At last, you can measure, monitor, and improve your portfolio with objective insights. Gauge your portfolio’s performance against ones with similar goals—and ones from the same 401k or investment firm. You can even analyze your investments’ historical performance and learn from it.

Unearth the actual performance of your portfolio, and look to the future with more confidence.

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