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The financial world is overflowing with subjective opinions. Our revolutionary portfolio tracker provides you with objective insights.

Built for both everyday investors and experts, Bee Portfolio clears away uncertainty—so you can confidently approach retirement.

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Start mitigating your ERISA 404(c) liability, helping your employees succeed, and taking a load off your mind with our special program: Bee for Business. All employees get their own Bee account and join your organization’s “Hive.”

Your convenient dashboard will provide insight into how your tribe’s 401(k)s are performing. You’ll be able to send notifications of underperformance to your employees’ anonymous accounts. And, if an employee’s portfolio is performing below the average in the Hive, Bee also sends updates. Learn more.

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Works with 100s of investment platforms

See how your portfolio is actually doing

End the confusion, and strategize for retirement the smart way.

Bee Portfolio exists to bring facts to light: Compare your performance to similar investment accounts, so you can see whether ups & downs are limited to your account—or signal a greater trend. Gain confidence and insight to power your investing decisions.

Here’s how:


Securely link your account

Your investment account data is safely synched with Bee Portfolio, the next evolution of portfolio trackers that’s full of insights.

All data on our platform is shared anonymously with the community.

Once you add an account, you’re moments away from the big reveal . . .

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See how you rank

Answer that nagging question: How is my portfolio actually doing?

By measuring your investment account against similar ones, you gain a clear view of how it’s performing.

Your account category (determined by its ratio of stocks to bonds) is calculated automatically. This way, you’re comparing apples to apples.

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Explore and compare

For people who want to analyze their investment accounts, follow other people’s (anonymous) accounts, and discover how to reproduce another person’s account at it!

Dig into the Bee Portfolio platform as much (or as little) as you’d like. If you simply want updates on how your portfolio is doing, get notifications in your inbox.

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Get real measurements with Bee Benchmark Logo

Bee Benchmark™ is an objective standard for every investor, calculated from similar investment accounts' performance on our platform. Unlike the 5,000+ other indexes out there, ours is designed for everyday investors like you.

Whether you're aggressively playing the stock market or cautiously growing your nest egg, you know your comparisons are meaningful.

Bee Portfolio benchmark graph screenshot

Know how your investment account ranks

See how your account stacks up via our daily, weekly, and monthly rankings. Check whether accounts with the same goal—from the same investment firm—are outperforming each other.

Without giving away any personal details to the Bee Portfolio community, you gain instant insights into your portfolio's performance.

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Compare real-life investment accounts

Drill down to the details with our comparison tool. View any account alongside a similar one, and immediately see the differences between them.

With objective data—and zero subjective opinions—you can adjust your account to imitate others’. The power is now in your hands.

Bee Portfolio similar portfolios screenshot

Analyze your long-term performance

Every time you update an account, we save the previous version. Compare an old account side-by-side with your new one—and see what would’ve happened if you hadn’t changed anything.

Quickly understand which changes were beneficial or not, and learn from your gains and losses.

Bee Portfolio historical changes feature screenshot

Put your knowledge on auto-pilot

Easily stay up-to-date with your portfolio’s performance. Subscribe to email notifications, so your investment account's status is delivered directly to you.

Always know the answer to “how is my portfolio doing?” and enjoy objective insights as you track your portfolio—even when your plate is full.

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You can enjoy a better financial future

Your financial future is foundational to a comfortable retirement. With the data provided by our platform, you can conquer emotional investing and eliminate your confusion, frustration, and anxiety over portfolio performance.

Let the stress fall away. See how your portfolio is actually performing—today.

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